We cannot thank you all enough for continuing to support Great Adirondack Brewing Company. Your support has helped us stay open and afloat during these incredibly tough times.

With that being said, there are state laws, as well as our own protocols that are in place if you are joining us to dine in the restaurant. These are all for the continued safety and health of you our guests, as well as our staff.

  1. Reservations: We do not take reservations. All of our dining is on a first come basis. Please check in with the hostess to get on the list. Please only send one (1) person from your party into the restaurant to speak to the hostess as we are not allowed, by state law, to have people mingling in the restaurant.
  2. Masks: Masks are required for indoor and outdoor dining. You are able to take your mask off once seated, but need to put it on when entering and leaving the restaurant or using the restroom.
  3. Table/Party Size: The largest party we can sit at one table is six (6). We are unable to push tables together. For parties larger than six we have a private room that can accommodate 12 on a reservation basis (see below). Otherwise, we will do our best to try to sit you at different tables close together in timing. Because of the strict headcount rules in place by the state, once you are seated we ask that you remain seated unless using the restroom. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no mingling with other tables or at the bar.
  4. Private Room: Our private room is only able to seat 12 people right now due to state headcount laws. There is a $250 non-refundable deposit that is due upon booking. To reserve the room please email reservations@greatadk.com.

Thank you everyone. We do greatly apologize for this inconvenience. We are working hard to try to accommodate everyone who wants to dine with us.